The creators of this web-site are average dog fanciers. Those, who call themselves "a dog fancier", know what is really behind these words. This means that we are the fans of our beloved dogs – sometimes slightly collectors, sometimes organizers or participants of dog shows. We are the people, who always find common ground and are crazy about our pets. Dogs will always live at our homes and give us a lot of positive emotions. So this online-store is just for you, my dear soul mates! Here you will find not only different souvenirs and presents with dogs, but also useful and beautiful things, which will make the life of the owner and of his four-footed companion more pleasant and comfortable.

Collecting things with favorite breed? Don't know what to present to your friend-dog fancier? Setting up a dog show and want to gladden the participants with good presents? Or may be you are preparing to get in the ring? Or just made up you mind for a new outfit for your dog? Online store DOG-FAN works for you!

Individual approach to each customer.


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